by sex:
.dogs2327 (50%)
.bitches2367 (50%)
by colour:
995 (21%)
.black-white tan
350 (7%)
1891 (40%)
.liver-white tan
373 (8%)
.without cathegory
1086 (23%)


Welcome on website of the breed English Springer Spaniel

This website is a collection of the lots of important and usefull information about the ESS. You can find here all Czech kennels of the ESS, all ESS individually, the stud dogs and the imported males and females. There is info about previous and current litters with their pedigree as well. You can find here all information about health condition, success and the results from the shows and field trials of each springer, which have been done in the Czech republic. In the section INFORMATION there is lots of usefull and necessary information about the conditions of the breed, the results from breeding seasons, the rules how to get the titles, a results DKK, eyes illnesses and fucosidosis... important articles, links and lots of other... Hope you will find here everything what you need or want to find. We are looking forward to hear from you on our website.

I reserve all the rights to add a link of database into photos send to DTB. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact us on one of our e-mail address:

Hope you will find here everything what you need or want to find. We are looking forward to hear from you on our website.


Results MVP Nitra 17.1.2016
Results MVP Nitra 16.1.2016
MVP Litoměřice 28.5.2016 - photos added
Magic In My Heart Dream Passion - new title C.I.B.
Aether Vial Divennate - new picture
CHS od Stroupinského potoka - M litter added
Results MVP České Budějovice 23.4.2016
Yulia Ruthless - new picture
Yordana Ruthless - new picture
Yohannah Ruthless - new picture
Y - Simona Ruthless - new picture
St. Oliver Ruthless - new picture
Diego od Jakubského rybníka - update on page and new pictures
Aether Vial Divennate - update on page
Results KV Litoměřice 3.10.2015
Results OV Praha 6.6.2015
Complet results KV KCHPS Báč (SK) 5.9.2015
Results MVP Brno 18.6.2016
Results MVP Bratislava 23.8.2013
Results MVP Bratislava 22.8.2015
Results SV KCHPS Dunajská Lužná 19.3.2016
Results MVP Nitra 10.6.2016
Fram Dragons Manor - new picture
Danken zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Molly zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Ta Svatava Ruthless - new picture
Results MVP Nitra 12.6.2016
Bomaris Envoy to Shipden - new picture
Clanach Acclamation - new picture
Clanach Imperialist - new picture
Clanach Crown Imperial - new picture
Clanach Coronation - new picture
Clanach Crowned in Tartan - new picture
Clanach Wrath O Khan - new picture
Beelinie Gilly´s Bittersweet - new picture
Fairsky Jack The Ripper - new picture
Hawkhill High Society of Lownwood - new picture
Mistily´s Wizard From Oz - new picture
Monclare Mr Chips - new picture
Portos z Větrné paseky - new picture
Results NV Raciborz (PL) 12.6.2016
Results MVP Nitra 11.6.2016
Results NV Klatovy 11.6.2016
Buggatti Venetta Gabrettina - new picture
Niké z Větrné paseky - pictures, health results ane working test results added
Mistily´s Waltzing Mathilda - new picture
Mistily´s Memorry Waltz - new picture
Alhambra Ewan Mc Gregor - new picture
Mistily´s Ice Dance - new picture
KV KCHLS Humpolec 7.5.2016 - pictures added
SV Praha 4.5.2014 - pictures added
Pegas z Větrné paseky - new picture
Mr. Marty Ruthless z Zaglebia - added champion C.I.B. and CH PL
CHS od Škrabalky - litter I added
CHS Divennate - litter A added
CHS Amber Hill - litter A added
CHS z Větrné paseky - litter P added
Ben z Vrchánova - nová fotka
Buggatti Venetta Gabrettina - show results added
CHS Ruthless - Y litter added
St. Tommy Ruthless - CH CZ and working teste added
Results KV Staňkov 8.5.2016
Results KV České Budějovice 5.3.2016
Buggatti Venetta Gabrettina - new picture
History Magic Street - new picture
Tamara Ruthless - new picture
Results MVP Litoměřice 28.5.2016
Tweed Ruthless - new picture
Pan Brock Ruthless - hunting test added
Resulta KV KCHPS Báč (SK) 5.9.2015
Antonia z Loňského léta - new picture
MVP Praha 1.11.2015 - picture added
MVP Litoměřice 23.5.2015 - picture added
Results MVP Praha 30.4.2016
Werner Ruthless - new picture
Roqfolly Balroom Blitz - new picture
Waldemar Ruthless - new picture
Ta Svatava Ruthless - new picture
Uva Ruthless - new picture
Mauricius Ruthless - new picture
CHS Ruthless - new litter Q
NV Ostrava 11.4.2015 - pictures added
NV Ostrava 12.4.2014 - pictures added
ZV Ostrava 10.5.2014 - pictures added
Aron od Sterjčkova lomu - new picture
X- Hugo ruthless - nová fotka
X- Gilbert Ruthless - new picture
X- Harold Ruthless - new picture
Pan Brock Ruthless - new picture
Ruthless Bridget z Zaglebia - new picture
Ozcarrie Ruthless - new picture
Ozzy Ruthless - new picture
Wenceslas Ruthless - new picture
Olliwa Ruthless - new picture
Tamara Ruthless - new picture
Ruthless Sheron z Czarnego Dworu - new picture
Umberto Ruthless - new picture
Result KV Hlučín 7.5.2016
Nielson Ruthless z Czarnego Dworu- new picture and added health result
Perla Ruthless - working test added
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