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Welcome on website of the breed English Springer Spaniel

This website is a collection of the lots of important and usefull information about the ESS. You can find here all Czech kennels of the ESS, all ESS individually, the stud dogs and the imported males and females. There is info about previous and current litters with their pedigree as well. You can find here all information about health condition, success and the results from the shows and field trials of each springer, which have been done in the Czech republic. In the section INFORMATION there is lots of usefull and necessary information about the conditions of the breed, the results from breeding seasons, the rules how to get the titles, a results DKK, eyes illnesses and fucosidosis... important articles, links and lots of other... Hope you will find here everything what you need or want to find. We are looking forward to hear from you on our website.

I reserve all the rights to add a link of database into photos send to DTB. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact us on one of our e-mail address:

Hope you will find here everything what you need or want to find. We are looking forward to hear from you on our website.


SV KASS Olomouc 7.5.2022 - pictures added
Hestia Dragons Manor - new picture
Results MV Nitra (SK) 5.5.2022
Results MV Litoměřice 21.5.2022
Hector Dragons Manor - new picture
Judith Ruthless - new picture
Results SV KASS 7.5.2022
Timur Kaicul - new picture
Results NV Brno 9.4.2022
Results MV Nitra (SK) 3.4.2022
Results MV Nitra (SK) 2.4.2022
Results OV Kelč 26.3.2022
Results Junior trophy Show Nitra (SK) 1.4.2022
Results Elite puppy show Nitra (SK) 1.4.2022
Results MV České Budějovice 2.4.2022
Results KV KCHPS Vinične (SK) 20.3.2022
Results SV KCHPS Vinične (SK) 19.3.2022
Results KV Lysá nad Labem 6.3.2022
New addvertisment - CHS Ruthless
Icy Ilytria Rockdale - eye test added
Geri z Lipových dolin - eye test added
Greta Ruthless - new picture
Viggo Ruthless - new picture and titles CH CZ and CH PL added
CHS Ikars flight - litters R, S, T and U added
CHS Rockdale - litter K added
Hrozienka Haršaniho dvor - new pictures and show results added
Results MV Brno 6.2.2022
Results MV Brno 5.2.2022
Gyda od Jakubského rybníka - registration change of breeding bitch to Club KASS
New dog show plan 2022
Audrey Hepburn Vinewood - new picture
Apollo Creed Vinewood - new picture
American Beauty Vinewood - new picture
Hector Dragons Manor - title JCH CZ added
Gaston Dragons Manor - new picture
Irwing Dotty Dogs - new picture and HD added
Hugo Dragons Manor - eye test added
Hector Dragons Manor - eye test added
Results NV Brno 8.1.2022
Results KV KASS 9.1.2022
Results KV Rokycany 28.10.2021
Gyda od Jakubského rybníka - AMS result added
CHS Marieness - web page added
Ask Me Later Vinewood - new picture
As You Like It Vinewood - new picture
Appolo Creed Vinewood - new picture
Al Pacino Vinewood - new picture
Audrey Hepburn Vinewood - new picture
American Beauty Vinewood- new picture
CHS Vinewood- litter A added
Harryot Ruthless - new picture
Hector Dragons Manor - new picture and AMS results
Hugo Dragons Mannor - new picture and AMS results
Hancock Dotty Dogs - naw pictures and informations added
Fergie Ruthless -doplněny informace
Results MV Komarom (HU) 26.9.2021
Results MV Nitra (SK) 25.9.2021
Results MV Komarom (HU) 24.9.2021
Intense Magic Street - new picture
Results OV Džbán 25.9.2021
Results WDS Brno 1.10.2021
Timur Kaicul - new picture and information added
Herb od Jakubského rybníka - new picture
Lady Jane Fenix Wings - new picture
Argus Modraszek z Lesnej Gromady - new picture
Galanthus of Klamar Garden - new picture
Rio Grande Ikars Flight - new picture
Akae Beka Adelville - new picture
Yordana z Větrné paseky - new picture
Results NV Olomouc 4.9.2021
Isabell Dotty dogs - new picture and HD result
Qwenty zo Srnčej doliny -new picture
Peace River Ikars Flight - new picture
Paris zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Jasmína zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Lordsett Good Vibrations - new picture
Results MV Rybník (PL) 29.8.2021
Results MV Mladá Boleslav 28.8.2021
Results MV Bratislava 22.8.2021
Results MV Bratislava 20.8.2021
Results MV Brno 15.8.2021
Results MV Brno 14.8.2021
Results OV Náměšť na Hané 11.7.2021
Chris z Vítkova dvora - new pictures
Nessy z Jindřichovských luk - new pictures
Vivien zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Felicity Wamakemon Gabrettina - new picture, HD results and working test added
Mompesson Victorious- new pictures
Results KV KCHLS Náměšť na Hané 7.8.2021
Results MV Klarovy 31.7.2021
Sany zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Felicity Wamakemon Gabrettina - picture added
Vivien zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Jamaica Glow Maligold - new picture
Mr. Holmes Tamaam - new picture
Athos Maladia - new picture
Viny zo Sadenca - new picture
U Got The Look Tamaam - new picture
Timur Kaicul - new picture
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