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Welcome on website of the breed English Springer Spaniel

This website is a collection of the lots of important and usefull information about the ESS. You can find here all Czech kennels of the ESS, all ESS individually, the stud dogs and the imported males and females. There is info about previous and current litters with their pedigree as well. You can find here all information about health condition, success and the results from the shows and field trials of each springer, which have been done in the Czech republic. In the section INFORMATION there is lots of usefull and necessary information about the conditions of the breed, the results from breeding seasons, the rules how to get the titles, a results DKK, eyes illnesses and fucosidosis... important articles, links and lots of other... Hope you will find here everything what you need or want to find. We are looking forward to hear from you on our website.

I reserve all the rights to add a link of database into photos send to DTB. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact us on one of our e-mail address:

Hope you will find here everything what you need or want to find. We are looking forward to hear from you on our website.


Ora Bohemia Jewellery - title JCH CZ added
Eila od Škrabalky - title veteran champion CH added
Caliméro od Jakubského rybníka - new picture
Natty Bohemia Jewellery - title JCH CZ added
MV Brno 5.2.2017 - pictures added
Betty-Bee Zlaté jablko - new picture
Bessy z Kotelského lesa - new picture
Armando Amber Hill - new picture
Uriana Hadí vrch - new picture and working tests added
Uriana Hadí vrch - new pictures
Cullen Dotty Dogs - new picture
Results MV Brno 5.2.2017
Results MV Brno 4.2.2017
Results MVP Wels (A) 11.12.2016
Results MVP Wels (A) 10.12.2016
Beyonce Juliet Buxusson - working test added
Forrest Dragons Manor - new picture
Julia First Love Magic Spot - hips result added
Equess Carnivale Call Me Khaleesi - new pictures
Equess Enjoy Evenflow - new picture, health teste and stud registration
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New advertisment in puppy service- CHS z Tatarských lipek
Naomi zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
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Lordsett Tomb Raider - new picture
MV Nitra 14.1.2017 - pictures added
Cristian Mysterion Britanica - new picture
Fairy Tale Dragons Manor - new picture
Results MV Nitra 15.1.2017
Results MVP Nitra 14.1.2017
Becky Zlaté jablko - new picture
Barney Zlaté jablko - new picture
Monie od Stroupinského potoka - new picture
Dougles Dotty Dogs - new picture
Nathan zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Nikita zo Srnčej doliny - new picture
Chyt od Škrabalky - new picture
NV Brno 7.1.2017 - pictures added
Robin z Větrné paseky - new picture
Clementine Coccinelle Gabrettina - new picture
Eowyn Dragons Manor - new picture
Fram Dragons Manor - new picture
CHS z Revíru Kolence - litters B and C added
CHS Tarka - litters A, B, A, C, D, E, F and G added
CHS z Vajlenky - litters C, D, G, H and I added
News in show plan 2017 CZ
Ora Bohemia Jewellery - new title CH CZ
CHS z Vrchánova - litters B and C added
CHS Hadí vrch - litters P and U added
CHS od Škrabalky - litter C added
CHS z Větrné paseky - litter K added
CHS z Vítkova dvora - litters A, B, C and H added
CHS ze Šipší - litters B, C, D, E, F, G, N and Q added
Results NV Brno 7.1.2017
CHS Darrem Canis - litters S and T added
CHS z Pod Hrabovca - litter C added
CHS z Hrbovského panství - litter B added
Trimere Tip Top for Ruthless - new picture
Trimere Tifiny for Ruthless - new picture
Portos z Větrné paseky - new picture
Z-Richard Ruthless - new picture
CHS z tatarských lipek - web added
Cabrielle z Loňského léta - new picture
Emma Dragons Manor - hips result added
Roqfolly Guns And Gossip - new picture
Roqfolly Helen Highwater - new picture
Artycreath Ruby Wax Of Roqfolly - new picture
Roqfolly Born To Boogie - new picture
Roqfolly Miranda Frost - new picture
Roqfolly Endeavour - new picture
Roqfolly Baron Samedi - new picture
Camberley Dotty Dogs - eye test added
Adored Aiven Rockdale - eye test added
X-Sofie Ruthless - new picture
Roqfolly Wardance - new picture
Roqfolly For Your Eyes Only - new picture
Cleavehill Bewitched - new picture
Godin z Lipových dolin - new picture
Anna Aurelia Gabrettina - Champion title added
Augustus Maximilian Gabrettina - Champion title added
Clementine Coccinelle Gabrettina - Champion title added
Baccardi Raphael Gabrettina - new picture
X-Sofie Ruthless - new picture
Change date MVP Praha
MVP Nitra 3.12.2016 - pictures added
Results MVP Nitra 4.12.2016
Results MVP Nitra 3.12.2016
Mompesson High Stakes - new picture
Mompesson Pickpocket - new picture
Mompesson Newflash - new picture
Mompesson Elegance - new picture
Mompesson Royal Classic - new picture
Mompesson Rich Pickings - new picture
Mompesson Cher-Delight - new picture
Mompesson Classic Moods - new picture
Mompesson Mixed Emotions - new picture
Mompesson Cavendish - new picture
Mompesson Blinking Eck - new picture
Mompesson Secret Whispers - new picture
Mompesson Words - new picture
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